W melancholii




* obscure, eerie, beautiful new mini-album from one of the most acclaimed Polish bands – Furia

* two new tracks with nearly 18 minutes of playing time purely boundless, psychedelic and experimental soundscape, perfect mixture of different genres in a coherent fashion

* one more masterpiece added to the catalog of one of the most interesting and continually evolving bands in Poland today

Following the highly acclaimed "Marzannie, Krolowej Polski" (2012), Upper Silesian, Polish band, FURIA return with their brand new mini-album, "W melancholii". It includes 2 new tracks, with nearly 18 minutes of playing time. A mesmerizing, shimmering two tracks release preserves a continuity of their instantly recognizable sound but from a band still moving forward, still exploring, rooted in a black metal heritage, but not limited by it. The band blends elements of avant-garde, black metal, psychedelia and uses accordion to produce music that is extremely hard to categorize. It’s trance, hypnotic, emotional, dark and melancholic, but any label seems too primitive to fully do justice to the spirit of these two compositions.



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